Vendor Registration 

Vendor FAQ

How much does it cost to register?

For-Profit Vendors spaces are $50.  Non-Profit Vendor Spaces are: $25 (you may be asked to verify you are a non-profit or community organization).  Food Trucks are $100.

Do I need to include my tax-id?

If you are selling items at the festival, you must include your tax-id.  There is a space to include it on the online registration form.

How do you handle sales tax?

We will have sales tax forms for each vendor that we have to turn in to the state. If you pay sales taxes quarterly or whatever, all you have to do is write down your tax ID along with your name and contact info. Otherwise, we will have envelopes for your sales tax money and we will mail those in for you with your form.

Can I register more than one booth?

Yes you can!

Do you provide tables, chairs, and tents?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide those.  You are responsible for bringing those items.

Do you provide electricity?

We do provide electricity for our Food Trucks only.

What size is the vendor space?

It is 10×10