Sponsoring the 2017 Little Rock Pride Fest

Want to make an impact on the LGBT community in Arkansas?  Becoming a sponsor of the 2016 Little Rock Pride Fest has it’s benefits.  Let us help you gain brand recognition with the LGBT community!

  • The total buying power or disposable personal income of LGBT adults is expected to exceed $790 billion this year
  • 6.7% of the adult U.S. population self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender, or between 15 and 16 million adults (18 years of age and older),
  • 87% of LGBT adults and 75% of non-LGBT adults are likely to consider brands or businesses that support employment equality, and
  • 71% of lesbian and gay people are likely to remain loyal to a brand or business that is friendly and supportive of LGBT issues, regardless of cost or convenience
Several corporate sponsors such as The Marriott Downtown Little Rock, Bud Light, Burger King, Whole Foods, The Arkansas Times, and several others have found the value in reaching out to the LGBT community. Contact us today for more information!
2017 Sponsorship Packet
Sponsorship Agreement