2016 Pride Talks

Pride Talks 

Last year, we launched our first education tent called “Pride Talks”.  Central Arkansas Pride continues to be committed to providing education and training.  The goal of pride talks to provide education about issues facing the LGBT community and to give people the tools they need to accomplish change.

Pride talks allows local nonprofits and businesses serving the LGBT community to showcase the work they are doing and inform people on how they can get involved in the community.  Not only is Pride Talks a great opportunity to learn, it’s an interactive experience that allows people to network with community leaders and create real change here in Little Rock.

The 2016 Pride Talk Schedule:

3:00 ArTEC – Transform Health – Dani Archie
3:15 Planned Parenthood – Suzanne Overgaard & Ashley Wright will discuss the services offered at Planned Parenthood as well as the advocacy and policy work we conduct on behalf of the Arkansas LGBTQ community.  Both will entertain questions from the audience and will have giveaways for participants.

3:30 HRC – What’s going on in politics

3:45 Stonewall – What’s happening at the local level (What Stonewall is doing leading up to the election) Tippi McCullough
4:00 Stigma surrounding mental health and the LGBTQ community – Rachel Pinto
4:15 Veteran Affair’s Suicide Prevention – Jennifer Price
4:30 Lucie’s Place – Penelope Poppers
4:45 Safe Zone – Katy Allison